Nonsense Wander ~ Vol5


本期用 immersive-translate 翻译了涉及到的部分内容



I’m Jessica Smith, and this is my personal web­site. I’m a socialist and a feminist who loves animals, books, gaming, and cooking; I’m also very interested in linguistics, history, technology and society. I live in Mel­bourne, Australia, with my partner Viv­ian and our delightful tabby cat, Gidget.

这个 Hugo 博客是一个IndieWeb-enabled website,我觉得挺有意思的

2. ✧・marzka・✧

hey! i’m marzka, a web developer from the uk · i hope your day is going great and you enjoy browsing my little web nook! 💚


3. Happy Coding

Happy Coding is a collection of coding tutorials, starting with the fundamentals of creative coding and leading to advanced topics like server-side coding, Android development, and technical interviewing.


Rambling about design, programming, hardware and Linux

I’m Brad Taunt, a UX-focused front-end designer, technical writer, and self-taught developer who creates enjoyable experiences for humans.

Passionate about open source software, usability, performance, privacy, and minimal design.

This small piece of the internet stores a growing collection of my personal brain dumps.

博文:Don’t Make a Blog, Make a Brain Dump

5. Top -

saharan / さはら

I make something.


6. Patrick Collison

I currently live in California and work at Stripe. I grew up in Ireland and previously studied at MIT.

博文:Bookshelf · Patrick Collison

7. » archives mnmlist

一个关于 minimalism 的博客

Bloggers and website creators get so caught up in things that they lose sight of what’s the most important thing: creating a great experience for the reader. The person coming to your site isn’t a customer, a potential mailing list subscriber, a consumer of advertising, a person who wants to be marketed to, a buyer of your affiliate products, a Facebook or Twitter follower … he’s a person who simply wants some information or entertainment from what you’ve written.

博主和网站创建者过于专注于一些事情,以至于他们忽视了最重要的事情:为读者创造良好的体验。 访问您网站的人不是客户、潜在的邮件列表订阅者、广告消费者、想要营销的人、您附属产品的购买者、Facebook 或 Twitter 的追随者……他只是一个人想从你写的东西中得到一些信息或娱乐。

—— » minimal web mnmlist

8. Quentin Hocdé - Creative Developer & Digital Artist

I’m addicted to well thought-through animations and smart user-experiences. Small websites is what I like to create, especially for a social cause. I also do generative art, creating algorithms which generate visuals and animations, mixing technology and colorful palettes. I’m in love with infinite mesmerizing loops but also with beautiful and smart generative compositions.


9. Max Böck



Hello there!

I’m unemployed, sorry I mean I’m POURIA 🦋. Currently based in Tehran.

I use web technologies such as TypeScript, React and Node.js to create things I find useful and interesting. Right now I’m fascinated by WebGL, Three.js, 3D graphics, math and generative art and music and I’m shifting my focus there.



前段时间买了一个 Boox 的阅读器,于是研究了一下 Eink 相关内容,对于该阅读器的体验如何呢?总之槽多无口,我先不说了

1. 重度使用这款墨水屏手机之后,谈谈我对电子纸的理解和预测 - 少数派


2. 一次「买椟还珠」的选择——得到阅读器体验 - Neverland

提到的 eink app:

3. Vol.67 很多人忘了 kindle 曾经成功过

4. 我们所认识的 E Ink • Anyway.FM 设计杂谈

E Ink 电子墨水这种看似与现行显示方案背道而驰的显示介质,为何没有销声匿迹,反而在一些垂直领域里「蓬勃发展」着呢?来,那就跟着我们再次回到 10 年前,做一次时间钳形运动吧 :)

5. 电纸书阅读器使用小记

电纸书阅读器的购买需要考虑几方面。第一是尺寸,场景决定尺寸。如果是漫画为主的阅读,不消说,10 寸及以上。如果是纯文字为主的阅读,建议选用 8 到 10 寸,8 寸其实更为轻巧一些。第二个要点是系统,如果重度使用「多看阅读」和「微信读书」的话,肯定还是要选开放系统。

6. Freewrite Alpha is the cheapest smart typewriter Astrohaus has made yet | Engadget

Last year, I tried the Freewrite Smart Typewriter — an expensive, single-purpose E Ink typewriter that does one thing very well. It lets you draft text with an excellent keyboard and zero distractions. If you’re a serious writer, there’s a lot to like about it, but it is most definitely not cheap; Astrohaus, the company behind the Freewrite, even raised the prices of its products, including the full-size model and the portable laptop-style Freewrite Traveler, earlier this year.

去年, 我试用了 Freewrite 智能打字机 ——一种昂贵的单一用途 E Ink 打字机,但它只做一件事。 它使您可以使用出色的键盘和零干扰来起草文本。 如果您是一位认真的作家,那么它有很多值得喜欢的地方,但绝对不便宜; 今年早些时候,Freewrite 背后的公司 Astrohaus 甚至提高了其产品的价格,包括全尺寸型号和  便携式笔记本电脑风格的 Freewrite Traveler 。


7. The elusiveness of digital paper — Stephan Ango

Our cyberpunk future is made of darkness and artificial light, but I’m not sure that’s the only future I want.\



8. The Kindle Test | Eric’s Blog

So what does this have to do with the Kindle? Much like the news sites I mentioned above, I doubt the Kindle web browser was intended to provide a superior internet experience. For me, it’s primarily used for logging into wifi networks on the road. But I decided a few years ago that all my web content should look good on that limited, oft-forgotten browser. This is not because I think lots of people are viewing my sites on their Kindles (they aren’t). Instead, I figure that if something looks good in an experimental browser on a tiny e-ink screen, it will likely work on any other device, too. “The Kindle Test” is my simplicity standard for web design, and that standard has served me well. In fact, Bear is so lightweight that I could actually write posts on my Kindle if I wanted to!

那么这与 Kindle 有什么关系呢? 就像我上面提到的新闻网站一样,我怀疑 Kindle 网络浏览器旨在提供卓越的互联网体验。 对我来说,它主要用于在路上登录 wifi 网络。 但几年前我决定,我所有的网络内容都应该在那个受限的、经常被遗忘的浏览器上看起来不错。 这 并不是 因为我认为很多人都在他们的 Kindle 上查看我的网站(他们不是)。 相反,我 数字 如果某些东西在微型电子墨水屏幕上的实验性浏览器中看起来不错,那么它也可能在任何其他设备上运行。 “Kindle 测试”是我的网页设计简单标准,这个标准对我很有帮助。 事实上,Bear 非常轻巧,如果我愿意,我实际上可以在 Kindle 上写文章!

9. A smart E Ink calendar comes to my kitchen – Six Colors 提到的项目: eInkCalendar

10. SystemSix

SystemSix is a desk calendar that displays the weather forecast and phase of the moon on an e-ink display. This is a kind of love-letter to my first Macintosh.


11. Digital License Plates Are Here, But Do We Need Them? | Hackaday

Might be useful

1. Decoupled

An app for those who take music seriously.


  • Gapless playback
  • 10-band equalizer
  • Music sync through USB, via iTunes File Sharing
  • Music sync without iTunes via FTP, WebDAV, or a simple Web browser!
  • Dark mode

2. Free Computer, Programming, Mathematics, Technical Books, Lecture Notes and Tutorials

Links to Free Computer, Mathematics, Technical Books all over the World

3. Granary

Fetches and converts data between social networks, HTML and JSON with microformats2ActivityStreams 1 and 2, AtomRSSJSON Feed, and more.

4.一次性临时电子邮件 - Temp Mail

5. Tabby - a terminal for a more modern age

Tabby is an infinitely customizable cross-platform terminal app for local shells, serial, SSH and Telnet connections.


1. punkism - the ideology of punk



2. HackAllTheThings

3. Webring

This webring is an attempt to inspire artists & developers to build their websites and share traffic amongst each other. The ring welcomes hand-crafted wikis and portfolios.

4. Explorable Explanations

Welcome to Explorable Explanations, a hub for learning through play! We’re a disorganized “movement” of artists, coders & educators who want to reunite play and learning.