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  • 折腾火狐

  • 中文博客榜

  • git add .,git add -A,git add -u,git add* 的区别与联系

  • Delightful lists

    Delightful lists are an effort to help bring change to this trend. To make freedom more discoverable again. This top-level project will allow navigation to all high-quality curated delightful lists created and maintained all over the web. Anyone that wishes to do so can create their own list, and thus create an entrypoint to freedom.

  • Computer Programming


    A set of rules that provides a way of telling a computer what operations to perform is called a programming language. There is not, however, just one programming language; there are many. In this chapter you will learn about controlling a computer through the process of programming. You may even discover that you might want to become a programmer.

  • Mentality

    一点点鸡汤 https://alearningadayblog.files.wordpress.com/2022/07/image-2.png

  • 白话开源和 Web3

    原文:Open source and web3, simplified​


    “它也不仅仅是代码。想想维基百科、Facebook、Uber、Linux —— 所有这些项目都是由少数人定义平台的规则,然后大量的人参与价值构建。在这些社区中进行价值捕获和分配面临各种困境 ──Facebook 或 Uber 模式让少数人暴富,维基百科或 Linux 模式则几乎无利可图。我上面描述的结构能够让用户参与价值的创造和捕获,既适用于 Facebook 也可用于 Linux。”

  • How to lazy load images in Hugo

    Create the file layouts/_default/_markup/render-image.html in your theme with this content:

    <img src="{{ .Destination | safeURL }}" alt="{{ .Text }}" loading="lazy" />
    This makes the resulting HTML have the loading="lazy" attribute, which lazily loads images.
  • How Do Dolphins Choose Their Name?

    Dolphins identify themselves with a unique whistle that scientists have likened to a human name. Here’s how they decide what to call themselves.

Commonplace Book

  1. Intentionality

    every idea matters

    just collect very succinct quotes from biographies that i’ve read from books that i’ve read or from articles from of the internet that i’ve read and over time i ended up with this collection of very succinct sentences that but basically every one of these sentences they mean something every one of these words they mean something every expression that i put into this book they’re all very deeply personal for me and also the act of writing for me is very personal because writing for me and journaling for me is a form of calming the brain because my brain does not shut up so point one keeping a commonplacebook on a physical notebook is a lot more deliberate

  2. better editing

    writing on the paper at least for me liberates me from that uh illusion of perfection illusion of cleanliness that i get on a computer screen because i can cross everything out i can cross things out straight away and i can spot mistakes and you know weak sentences straight away

  3. Crossing Disciplines